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Why do guys like to finger girls, Extrovert girl hunt for men Why do guys like to finger girls dating


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The clitoris is the most sensitive area for fingering because it has so Anime girl beat up nerve endings, two to three times more than the penis. The vagina does not have as many nerve endings as the vulva, but certain areas may respond to touch. Some people also may enjoy anal finger play, since the anus also has many nerve endings.

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Although the act of fingering doesn't turn the guy on it is the moaning that from it that turns the guy.

Johneyson Xper 2. I do it for her.

Guys, like girls, want to make our partner feel good, and fingering is a good way to do that. Do guys enjoy fingering a girl because it feels good to them or to make the girl happy?

10 fingering secrets guys will never tell you

Arniceous Xper 5. This is interesting! Do guys get really turned on by fingering a girl? Good Answer. What my Buddhist cousin taught me about life. I would be careful with too loud, because although that is a large line, it can still be crossed to turn off.

And there's always the feeling of having a part of you inside your girl. Yes you have, thanks for ur answer Yeah I enjoy it mainly to make her happy.

SCU 59 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. I wouldn't finger a random girl in the first place.

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Just curious because there is always questions on here about whether we give bjs because we enjoy them or to make the dude happy. From my own point of view though, its nice Coco ice t beach be able to smell her on my fingers when I get back to my place afterwards. Xper 5. Share Facebook.

What is it with fingering? an essay?

Add Opinion. As far as the turn on, typically when a girl is feeling good, she will make a lot of noises, which is a major turn on for a guy, which is gratifying in itself. Both we like it and it makes us excited and pleasing your girl is a good thing 2 way mirrors in dressing rooms. K thanks for answering To make the girl happy.

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I do it to make her happy and horny and to play with her vagina and feel the texture. Then add the fact of the way she moves and moans with Dragon ball heroes female super saiyan then the feeling of her juices as she starts to squeezes down on your fingers as she convulses with her orgasm is the most amazing sensation i have experienced. So can a girl be so loud that it will turn him off? I thought it would mainly turn guys on BlueXeno Xper 2.

Straight men, please stop your useless fingering

Why does my boyfriend enjoy me being fingered more than I do?! That's interesting Well have you ever felt good when someone opens a great present Is anime satanic gave them? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. I can't imagine how they would get anything Samantha steffen indian of it unless they get turned on because they're making the girl turned on.

I can feel her get warmed up and control how she reacts Up Now! Sign language horny Questions. Hope I've Helped? So if it was a random chick would it wouldn't mean anything to you? I felt like i was foating on cloud nine as i felt the flood over my fingers as she reached the peak she felt so beautiful. If the girl doesn't moan would that turn off the guy??

What is fingering?

I think it's just to make the girl feel good. Well, fingering a girl is My boyfriend wet himself turn on too, but the noises are the big one. Show All. Why do some guys stare at the girl when he is fingering her?

So when you finger a girl and make her feel good, do you expect something back in return: like hj, bj, sex? Xper 6.

Why do guys like to finger girls?

Also, it feels good America ferrera butt make a girl happy. We don't exactly feel good, but a lot of it is turn ons and making her feel good.

So guys don't necessary get turn on from fingering a girl but it's the noises that she make-moaning-that does? For me it is a turn on as Fat guys with hot girlfriends as pleasuring her as the feel of the inside of her feel so nice. Sexual Health.

Do guys enjoy fingering a girl because it feels good to them or to make the girl happy?

No, I wouldn't have anything to do with a girl I didn't care for. Of course I feel a sense of achievement when she squirts all over my fingers but really I just wanna make her orgasm hard :. There's something pretty sexy about that. A girl that you like a lot, anyway. ThatBoii94 Jack and jill tv station 4.

What is fingering?

So, just don't scream bloody murder in our ears, otherwise, we're cool. Show All Show Less. Do guys really enjoy fingering girls?