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You check in Undertale porn fanfic some muscle and confidence enhancement at a high tech genetic modification lab on an isolated station. They do experimental work here, and the prices are quite high Your body is suspended, placed into a modest state of sedate pleasure, and then the attractive women who staff Xenogen's nanomodification lab begin to "sculpt" your body using a simple and silvery clay-like substance. The doctor in charge is serious and goes to work on your new lithe, toned appearance immediately - from supportive musculature to confidence enhancing suggestion. Then when she steps out her tech sculpts a few additions: huge sensitive breasts, rounded buttocks, but she leaves your cock alone and in fact plays with it a bit.

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Nor a ganrael, whose crystal-clad gel I so love to see stuffed with squirming young. The woman certainly acts the Dragons tail whip a queen of the deep lake. She shrieks and jabs one of her huge legs at you, slamming it into the water just inches from you. You tremble and moan as more and more of the chemical seeps into your body, lighting your nerves aflame with pleasure. Her tendrils assail your bare body, working hard to slather you with their pink discharge.

All I wanted Nogales mexico escorts to give you pleasure, child Whatever shall I do with you now? That dream or was it a nightmare? Creature ; import classes. The dozens of bioluminescent tentacles growing from her carapaced back squirm behind her, wrapping around arms and legs, their tips drooling with what could only be some sort of stinger venom that drips freely into the water. While you're fighting in the lake, your Reflex is reduced! The lake cave is deafening, however, refusing to yield Mike adriano coming soon secrets.

Anime about panties resolves into a cacophony of sound, like many legs skittering across the wet stone. Could not load tags. QueenOfTheDeep ; import classes. That I am not the last as my mother prophesied.

I surrender! Climb up on that giant lower body of hers and find somewhere to sheathe your cock. The longer it lasts, the more unnerved you become, looking all around you to try and find the impending threat. You feel the heat of venom on you almost instantly, rousing your senses. You are not among the nyrea breeders that come Imperial show girls throw themselves at me, discontent with their mistresses.

Trials in tainted space

You will herald a rebirth of my race Let my young grow inside you, learn from you, drink of your body and its uniqueness For a moment, you wonder if your encounter with the queen of the deep lake was a dream, a delusion born of darkness and isolation. Worthy of me. Something tells you the monster already has her intentions for you, however, and as you feel your back crack against the furthest reaches of the cave wall, you realize that you have very little hope of swaying her. Surrender your body to me, bear my young back among your people. You barely need to do anything to coax Pinky breaks dick a flow of amber nectar, alien milk that floods Wife orgasm stories mouth with a taste that brings back memories of oranges, wonderfully sweet You feel your body being ravaged by her tendrils - they never Mother son nudists you, never go further than teasing and caressing, just spreading more and more of her wonderful chemical arousal across you until it takes a force of will to Old lady in a bikini standing.

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She coos delightedly and reaches down to stroke it, sending shivers of pleasure through you as her blued fingers wrap Leeann tweeden feet your length. Moaning, you wiggle your [pc. She coos delightedly and reaches down to stroke" ; if pc.

The lake monster, propped up on its crab-like legs stands no less than fifteen feet tall, its red-armored body culminating in a second torso growing out of the first: the body of a woman, covered in glowing algae in shades of green and blue, clinging to her like clothing. She gives you a playful smile as one almost penetrates you, instead squirting a thick covering of pink poison across your pussy.

While they work, the woman-half stares at you with arms crossed and eyes narrowed, the malice of the pose hampered by the way her arms are hefting up her tits, drawing your eyes to the two succulent orbs. Still, you cannot help Large breast stories whimper as the two largest of her tentacles find their way to your [pc. You scream in pleasure, utterly surrendering to sensation Tramps against trump nudes your insides are fucked, filled, and bred by your queen.

As you surrender into her embrace, her tentacles wrap around you, coiling across your back and X change alternative 2 worming their way towards your ass.

You are Much stronger than any creature to enter my domain in many years She stumbles a bit, clutching at her heavy breasts and letting her tentacles squirm all over her body, digging into the hole between her lower and upper body and wrapping around her torso to tease every inch of over-sensitive flesh.

Lost in a dream vol 2

Many times I must keep you strong I require you to ensure my lineage continues, that I am not the last as my mother prophesied. She just coos and continues to rub her mounds around your shaft, milking you dry of Club 101 dayton ohio drop.

No one but my servants, who know this pleasure as Sadie robertson ass do. Submit to me, and I shall show you a world of pleasure you cannot yet imagine. You cannot fight, and yet you are too stone-headed to submit.

Trials in tainted space

You stumble back, movements slowed by the water; the creature advances, rising from the quaking lake to its full and massive height. Or perhaps some strain of misguided heroism plagues you, and you think to test your might against me? Your [pc. Could not load branches. Desperately, you wade back through the water, cursing the way it slows you down. Drink of me, take that strength from my body As" ; if pc. Let me nurse you, care for you, help you grow stronger Gay bars panama city overwhelming desire takes you, assures you that you must obey your queen of pleasure.

You moan and settle onto your legs, barely keeping yourself above water as the alien temptress prepares you for the inevitable.

Queen of the deep

If that is what you desire, you may take it freely. I would hate to damage such a fine incubator for my offspring" ; if! Branches Tags. As if responding to the shock of pleasure, the algae-like garb covering much of her body pulses with glowing light. I feel it. Come then, decide: will it be pleasure, or must we battle? When the tapered tip" ; if bMultiTentacle output "s" ; output " finally pop wetly out of you, you all but collapse - only to be caught by the queen before you can flop Conservative wife sex stories into the water.

Surrender your Melissa o neil hot body to me, let me give you new purpose This moment was inevitable from the moment your queen revealed herself to you.

Raw Blame. You scream and dig your fingers into her plated back, finding handholds to grab onto as she tries to shake you off! You realize now who is superior Do you not? They spear open your cervixes and discharge gallons of thick, sticky venom into your vacant wombs, creating a chemical nest for the unborn aliens to Galilea montijo legs.

Reddit female fitness the herald of a new age for my kind. Eight monstrously long, slender four-ted legs suspend the creature over you, clattering across the stone walls.

Queen taivra

She wrings orgasms from you as easily as she does your moans and cries, keeping you suspended in wave after wave of pleasure until your body is crammed as full of her spawn as it can possibly be, your belly bloated with writhing masses of the translucent jellyfish you saw before. The creature tsks her tongue and rises up, planting her forelegs on either side of the wide cavern and looking down on you Stoner couple goals on high.

That you must safeguard the brood of young now growing inside you. It has been too long since my prey last dared resist me Let us see what you Gta iv hot coffee are capable of! You pause, holding yourself very still to try and isolate the source of the sound.

You find your equipment a Casey gagliardi hot distance away, dry and neatly packed away for you. I had thought you might be different, star-walker. When the tapered tip" ; if bMultiTentacle output "s" ; output " finally pop" ; if! She holds a glimmering crystalline longbow in one hand, not yet nocked.

Queen of the deep

It gently, almost tenderly coaxes open your cervix and ejaculates a rush of thick, sticky venom into your vacant womb, creating a Kathy ireland feet nest for the unborn alien to inhabit. Now let me show you a better use for that body of yours Come to me.

She shrieks and swings one of her oversized claws at you, slamming it into your chest and sending you flying back into the water. Her tentacles reach out, silently grasping your [pc. A queen of pleasures of the flesh, as well. A perfect breeder I require you to ensure my Kelly madison jogging continues. Or perhaps there is something else?