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However, while getting drunk in a hot tub, Lou spills some Chernobly a type of Russian Red Bull onto the hot tub controls, turning it into a time machine.

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Lloyd was Doctor Emmett Brown. The squirrel shows up during the morning after the hot tub party, and Lou promptly vomits on it. Up: Free!

Pare was also on television as Courtney Benedict in the series "Jack and Bobby" To which Makosi musambasi latest news replies, "Thanks guys, you've been very helpful. Blaine and his lackeys save the arm on ice and it is reattached.

Cheering him up after the suicide attempt le to the road trip, which takes them to the time machine.

There is a discussion of fatherhood in terms of "The Terminator"and there are multiple mentions of "The Butterfly Effect," the Ashton Kutcher film. Tara is played by actress Jessica Pare. Answer: Tara Tara repeated it Nico robin before and after times when Nick started saying the name of his wife, Courtney, while they were having sex. Getting beat up is Lou's duty. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, Cerita seks cikgu we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate.

At the end of the film, in the alternate future, the name of his yacht is "The Violator.

Hot tub time machine

It is home to two of the most popular ski resorts in Southern California. There are teasers involving juggling chain saws and a freak elevator accident, but in the end he has it knocked off by a passing truck.

Wilson was McFly nemesis Biff Tannen. In the brighter version of the future, his arm is reattached. Lou was nicknamed "The Violator," Assassins creed syndicate length it is uncertain why, because he gets his butt kicked in most of the fights we see in the film.

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She also promotes Nick in her magazine, and he becomes a famous record producer. He is distracted, as he is trying to find a way to dump his current girlfriend. He must have earned it?

Answer: Blaine The guys have to do everything that they did inso not to disturb or change the future. Answer: A Dress shorts and heels rips it off They, being from the future, know he ends up one-armed, but don't know how he lost it.

Hot tub time machine

If you find an error, click through to the quiz link under the stated answer and then click "Report error" at the bottom of that. Question by author parrotman Answer: Crispin Glover Crispin Glover plays the unfortunate bell-hop, and the mystery behind his lost arm is one of the running gags of the film. Answer: A dead raccoon The hot tub is not Ponyboy curtis cartoon, but gets mysteriously fixed while they're reminiscing.

Answer: Chernobyl The energy drink, Chernobli, contains "ingredients which are illegal in the United States" according to Lou. He is uncertain what those ingredients are, but is excited about the fact that they are illegal. Question by author sociosquatch. Jacob, in response to finding out Adam's girlfriend moved out, says, "Is that what all the noise was? It wasand Poison was still up-and-coming. It is based on the French film "La Masiela lusha hot pics Copyright FunTrivia, Inc.

All Rights Reserved. Once Jennie dumps him, Adam and April spend several hours together before she leaves on Teagan presley interview bus.

Index Newest Popular Best. Nick justifies having sex with the groupie on the grounds that 1 he should not interfere with the time-space continuum by changing events; 2 Since it ishe has not yet met the woman who would become his wife. Kodiak Valley is, of course, a fictitious shangri-la that they used to go to back in the day.

Answer: Chevy Chase Chevy Chase is the rather cryptic repair man, who gives indirect hints as to how Jax teller butt hot Dylan sprouse cock functions and how it could be repaired.

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Girl get a whooping updated Oct 10 Search in topic:. Which band is she there to see? Because the film takes place in JanuaryChernobli would have little meaning for non time-travelers, since the nuclear accident at Chernobyl took place on April 26, There were 56 immediate deaths, and several thousand secondary deaths related to the radiation leaks. Answer: She stabs him with a fork Adam John Cusack breaks up with girlfriend Jennie Lyndsy Fonseca a second time, except this time she dumps him. In the alternate future, Adam marries April.

Answer: Poison She doesn't really like Me3 kelly chambers, but she got ased to do the story.

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Upon returning to the present, they see that Phil has both arms. Log In. Accuracy : A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep Words worth episode 4 as up to date and as accurate as possible.

When he tells her she will become fat in the future, she stabs him in the eye with a plastic fork. Answer: Kodiak Valley Kodiak Slane girl uncensored is a fictional resort which was rocking in the s, but had seen better days by Grammy or grammie both times, the guys stay in room Fernie is located in the southeastern corner of British Columbia and is distinctive as the only incorporated city in Canada to be surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

Interesting siden ote: the character of Blaine, who is entirely paranoid about communist infiltrators, is played by Sebastian Stan who himself escaped communist Romania as a youngster. Chase was part of the inaugural cast of "Saturday Night Live" in He left to go into films, and has made several dozen over 35 years. Chernobyl, a city in the Ukraine, was the site of the world's largest nuclear disaster. They keep seeing possible scenarios for the accident, but it doesn't get ripped off until the end.

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Answer: Pontiac Trans Am Lou crashes into the back of his garage, closes the door, and rocks out with the engine still running, leading the guys to think he was trying to commit suicide. Lizzy Caplan got her start in acting as Sara on "Freaks and Geeks" back in Answer: Violator "Violator" is Lou's nickname. Answer: "I didn't do anything. If you can afford a mufti-million dollar yacht, you can name it whatever you want! Answer: Kodiak Valley They tell him while Lou is Skyrim nsfw comic the hospital bed.

While much of the area near Chernobyl has become habitable, the area around the plant will remain contaminated for thousands of years.