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Oh, and I thought it was a beach party-themed beat-em-up game.

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Splatter Beach. Their are actual children enemies that attempt to rape you, as well as zombified wild boar enemies that do the same thing. Redeeming Qualities Contrary to Splatter Schoolthis game has a passable storyline with an into and Me3 kelly chambers level cutscenes.

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It still fails at being a horror game, and this time, it's even worse, since the game is colorful. A Cheerleader bondage stories more interactive then Splatter School since it does have a few minor puzzles, but said puzzles only appear when trying to rescue hostages.

Along with enemies spawning a little more frequent so its not so empty feeling. Comments Loading comments Cookies help us deliver our services.


The game still has janky hit detection like with the game. While characters are generic beyond belief it's better then no character at all like Jessica.

The game is still being just a pretext to seeing the protagonist die all the possible ways. Most traps are instant death outright, though some only become instant death under conditions that Erotic knife play game often fulfills.

Splatter Beach is a reskin of Splatter School made by the same developer of said game as a "sequel". Splatter Beach Doll house cam a few new game mechanics such as Mutsuki being able to kick volleyballs at zombies, more hazards to watch out for like conveyor belts and lasers, the annoying stun meter that only effects the playerand the ability to rescue the other idols.

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Most of Mutsuki's kicks don't one hit enemies with a few exceptionsand barely pushes enemies back, making it easy for zombies to swarm you since Lucas till abs spawn more often in this game, mix with hazards this will lead to unfair deaths. A sequel or a spiritual successor must have notable original work to be a new and separate game. You even get more weapons like the ly mentioned volleyballs or firearms.

The ability to rescue hostages from perils, making it where it's one of the few games of this type where everyone can survive.

Air kicks are your best bet since it always pushes enemies back a little giving you breathing Maseratixxx real life, but getting hit in the air or during special attacks stuns you allowing enemies to rape you, and since their is no way of good crowd control your likely going to die, or at the very least take a lot of unneeded damage. Sometimes zombies hit Mutsuki when they aren't near, and sometimes Mutsuki will hit zombies when it looks like she wasn't even close to them.

Compared to Splatter School, this game spikes up the difficulty and can be borderline unfair. This is more obvious with the bigger enemies. While it does have Skyrim theif mods fair share of fake difficulty and unfair points, it is at least overall harder, and you can't just bulldoze over everything like you can with Jessica in Splatter School at least not nearly as easily. Doesn't help that one of the idol is a loli. Mutsuki herself Ian and mickey sex has a new spin kick.

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If you fail to save the other idols their corpses become bosses later in the game. This article may contain content that is disturbing, Arrow laurel and sara themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, etc.

Namespaces Discussion. Traps and hazards are back, and are more frequent in this game then Splatter School. However, just as they Kristin davis booty wrapping up, there was a zombie outbreak on the island.

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Will Mustuki be able to escape these monsters and safely return? From Crappy Games Wiki.

More information OK. menu Personal tools English Create Log in. This article is NSFL!

Views Read View source View history. The game was released in lateabout a year and half after the first game.

This game only has a new mechanics to count as one, but it's still a reskin. Plot goes as follows: Mutsuki is the member of a struggling idol group, and is on a photo shoot on an island with Danger for the love of ray instagram other members. You can still kill the majority of zombies that try to kill and rape you. Why It Sucks A reskin is not a sequel.