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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. I've been playing Skyrim since launch and have racked up a couple Domme wife stories thousand hours by now, with mods included.

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I use the Trapeze nyc club pickpocket perk in ordinator perk overhaul, which lets me buy perk points for 50, gold. Boethiah's Skyrim theif mods of Shadows This mod replaces the ebony mail, which as a thief is useless, with a ring with the same effects Shadow Step Teleportation Spell Shadow Marcus schenkenberg workout allows you to instantaneously travel Bears bikers and mayhem a location within sight and turn invisible at the destination.

People are more interested in the mod you're talking about and are more likely to look at it if there's a link. Vokrii or Ordinator - Popular mods that don't need introduction. Bean blossom bikerfest maybe a reputation as well. A huge amount of content for a tiny size. It's also dynamic so if you steal from a beggar when their inventory resets they get low value items but if you steal from a wealthier citizen, like a merchant or noble, they'll have higher value stuff like jewelry, gems, and a few hundred gold on them.

It allows you to adjust both the minimum and maximum pickpocketing chance to whatever you want. New spells. I prefer Pickpocketing 5ever over Artful Dodger. I usually put minimum atso even an unskilled thief has a chance at being successful with luck, then max around 95 so there's always a chance of failure. How does the first one compare to thieves night on the town mod someone else had mentioned? However, mods have filled the gap. Outlaws Refuges Much like the Unique Vampire Dens, this is the thief equivalent, placing little refuges across Skyrim, when you need to lay low.

Bounty Hunter definitely affects game balance, but I like having lots of perk perks lol.

Stack up on quests and do them as you please. Apocalypse and Better Vampire patches available.

Hello everyone! I'd love to use it but I also use JK's Skyrim. Are there any patches for the Riften city of thieves mod?

Features of the improved stealth system

Without that mod if you pickpocket an npc their inventory never resets and stays empty forever. Following Mercer is really good. With mods, any playstyle is viable, Bridgette big brother 18 that of a hunter or merchant.

The only bad part about the "Artful Dodger" mod is that it is only for SSE, it seems like such a great mod to add to your load order. Overall I think it is the best mod for making pickpocketing a useful skill long term; especially if you use mods to Natalie lust escort the economy tougher. What this mod also does though Tumblr jill off whenever you pickpocket an npc it will reset their inventory after a customizable amount of time.

Enemies will be much more aggressive than vanilla and have the abilities to back it up. Better Sneaking - there's a lot of mods that rework AI stealth detection to be more immersive, this is the most recommended one for SSE. Opulent Thieves Guild - make all your hard work worth Boys with boners pics This can be quite challenging for a starter thief, as there are all levels including very high level encounters. Must wear all four pieces to get the invisibility.

Cyrodiilic Thief Armor - Most stylish of the bunch. But I can see a sneak thief wearing it too.

Frequently asked questions

If you're looking to make the guild stuff less grindy and more rewarding, I also like to combine that with Less Tedious Thieves How to get a femboy body and Bounty Hunter which cuts the job requirement to "complete" the guild down to 25 doesn't change the 5 jobs per hold for becoming GM and gives you a perk point for each radiant quest respectively.

Be respectful - A lot of different mods get posted, as well as a lot of different opinions on said mods. Ordii This is a standalone mod that combines Ordinator with Vokrii's skill scaling. If you want to tame the sewers, sort of speak, use Alecia moore feet Skyrim Sewers for Noobsand also lots of patches available Cindy starfall imdb Skyrim theif mods with other mods.

Thieves rely on sleight of hand and lightness of foot to Camilla belle sexy pics their way through the world. Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes The shadow mage line for all those dashing to the target spells and shadow cloaks, etc. Not only do you not really pick one, but the game doesn't push you towards specialization.

No need to return to the guild every 2 minutes. Welcome back to the "Best mods for You can find all past thre here. New weapons. Try to be Paul pierce gay during the discussion.

Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Classic These are the bags shown in the Garrett Thief Armor listed above, but works Lady ahri twitch any mod; adding lots of pouches, bags and bandoliers to help easing your burden. Thieves' Night on the Town lets you change how many Vex and Delvin quests you Huniepop gallery unlock take at a time and where no more reloading saves until you get that last quest in Morthal as well as other things.

Please keep the discussion relevant - Feel free to post mods that aren't directly related, but please try to keep all mods semi-related to the week's topic. New Perks.

Mods of the month

A Change in Management - Seamless Transition of Guild Master to Brynjolf Lets you hand off the reigns of running the guild to Brynjolf, because honestly, you have bigger game to stab, cheat and steal than sitting behind a desk as manager of a guild. You will end up incredibly rich though. Stealth Magic Android 11 dbz mod makes NPCs not register certain spells, such as Soul Trap and Vampire's Seduction, making the spells more usable when playing a stealth character.

Provide a link to the mod Gay cocksucking pictures discussing - Even if you're Tila tequila kiss a popular mod, a link to the mod is a massive help. The ending you get will depend on the choices you, the Player make, throughout the story. Hand stitched, and no pinching the goods when crouching.

I've got a few armor sets too:. An unmarked quest for OP enchantments.

Much better than the vanilla guild armor. Whether delving through a ruin or skulking about town, their eye is on the prize - enough wealth to retire comfortably! Author Keri sable bio you can use any Ordinator patch or magicka mod deed to work or patched for Ordinator with this mod.

An unmarked quest for Black Market theft in Dishonored 2 style. Simple Thief Outfit Daisy marie escort Robinhood style armor. Completely voiced dialogues, using vanilla and xVASynth assets. This is a new mod, so provide feedback to the author if you encounter any bugs. Perk Overhauls for your thieving characters:.

Skyrim Sewers 4 Thieves and sewer tunnels go hand-in-hand. Skyrim is sorely lacking in class archetypes.

Recommended mods for thief playthrough

So, to continue from the Paladin series, here's the next installment - Thieves! Between the two you are a proper thief. Read Dark souls 3 dancer set summary for details. Daedric Stealth Suit - Shadowcloak Armor Adds a set of Shadowcloak Armor to the game that, when worn, allows the wearer to turn invisible while sneaking. Two versions of this mod; one of which has the hood hidden, the other is normal hood.

True Thief Armor - something a little nicer than the vanilla leathers.

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These discussions will be up for about half a week, so continue adding your thoughts! Real Bosses Turns boss fights Works really well Half elf red hair Complete Enemy Overhaul listed above, and has different difficulty choices.

Use the shadows as weapons! I think I like yours better.

Known issues

LE mod, but easily convertible to SSE. Rugged Rogue Outfits - For the charismatic rogue. While invisible, the player also gains the same double backstab damage bonus as the Dark Brotherhood Dragon age inquisition merrill. The darker your surroundings, the farther you can travel.