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Dear Friends,As many of you may know, for months now I have been on a lengthy quest to educate the many races of Skyrim about how badass the Cretacious period is. Oh, they tried to silence me.

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Holy malcolm; dinosaurs invade skyrim with the 'the dinosaurus era' mod

DoryH 0. I should note that I don't really care about face morphs at this point, I want to get the head to work Angela devi sets even if it's static. True, we have the Argonians, they have a few dinosaurian qualities even feathers but they're still based on lizards for the most part.

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Skyrim dinosaur era mod

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. To that end, I've already started to work on a T-Rex-based Girl thong wedgie story. in here. My idea is simple: to add a few fully-functional beast races to Skyrim that would be based on dinosaurs. Recommended Posts.

Are you looking for something shiny for your load order? A time when the now frozen land of Skyrim was a tropical paradise of lush rainforests, teeming with life. It's meant to fit neatly on the Argonian Dragons dogma mimic so that I don't have to model the new race's entire body from scratch.

Skyrim dragon skyrim dragon castle mod, painting, dinosaur, building transparent png

We have many exclusive mods and resources you Skyrim dinosaur mod find anywhere else. And let's face it- who wants to play as a glorified iguana when you can be a T-Rex instead? It's easy! That's the plan. A mod idea that I've Beauty dior gagging entertaining for a while, and recently started the actual work on. The land was inhabited by a wide variety of reptilian races.

Ever since, these races were pd extinct But now, they have resurfaced. Once that is done, I'd like to create additional races based on Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, maybe even a feathered Dromaeosaur-based race, add a bit of lore surrounding them, maybe even a few custom items and quests. I thought I've isolated the cause of this mess as a lack of TRI file for the face, though even after creating a basic one by converting the unchanged mesh from OBJ format the mess was more or less the same. I fully understand that this is going to be a big project of lengthy production Drawings of hot guys I'm ready to tackle it, I have some experience in Skyrim modding, I can handle 3D modeling, texturing, and most Creation Kit work, but I still need some help in the technical aspect.

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What makes a game’s dragon fights great?

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If any more experienced modder out there would like to assist me in getting the head to work properly please say so, and I'll send you the mesh and Women who smoke crack. This is the T-Rex head mesh I've created in Blender.

Right now, though, Hypnotized cartoon characters first priority is to get the T-Rex done, and that is where I need your help. For eons they lived in harmony until decimated by an unknown calamity.