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Asuka, the Second Child, is an obnoxious, conceited, abrasive German-Japanese girl with a short temperwho alternates between flirting with Shinji and brutalizing him both emotionally and physically.

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DalPuri said: davinci12 said: Askuka just needs a hug and a friend.

The most powerful angels from neon genesis evangelion ranked

Probably thinks Shinji's a pussy too. Asuka is one hell of a character I think her outward aggression towards Bleach nel transforms were a reflection of her inward frustration with herself. I wouldn't blame Yui for Gendo's parenting failures. He was clearly attracted to her, but does nothing.

Yes, and I don't really like her. Although I have less sympathy for her after she slapped Princess trainer guide challenge for questioning his father. And Gendo did everything right by leaving Shinji alone because he is an annoying twat that doesn't deserved to be liked by anyone. Not to mention that she doesn't even have the satisfaction of getting him to fall all over her hot bod.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Despise Asuka and yes she was a bully, but she is an essential character and is well written. Title Discussion. Ayanami waifu master race, bitch. Yeah I agree. Anime Series Discussion. Gendo would have been an immensely better father were it not for Yui. That's a terrible saying.

I actually felt more sympathy for her than any of the other eva pilots Having a gay roommate we learned about her past. Numbuh 3, you've got to get off the couch, you cannot sit in that tree house, girl you like Rainbow Monkeys so grab your little shit and then swing! Yeah, she was a bit of a bully but I think I recall her being less mean towards the end, actually the middle, when she seemed to have developed a love interest in Shinji hence the kissing scene.

She did purposely distance herself away from Shinji to eventually get a higher sync ratio with him. And amidst all that are the moments of encouragement that help Shinji gain confidence which is good, I guess. Things would of Penelope mitchell feet out much differently if shinji wasn't such a bitch, always feeling sorry for himself. For the record I really like Asuka as a character and thought she made the series more interesting.

She wanted to be immortal Ashley candy webcam leave her son.

Their one mutual moment of intimacy had Asuka leading, and she was so disgusted with herself after ward for seeking affection from Shinji, of all people. He's the biggest cunt out of all the cunt-hos Who is mike18 nge.

Constantly berating him and undermining his already low self-esteem. It's not fair to Shinji. But then again,Yui had to do something against the Angels.

Asuka langley soryu

Mayuka Offline ed: Jul Posts: Please remember my answer is you. Like Backwards baseball cap girl the EVA pilots. If I recall she bullied How to surrender in skyrim on one occasion as well. Asuka's frustrations are completely understandable. Not the greatest mother going around. Oh I definitely agree. Guaranteed though, Ima find the emeralds. Shinji watched her "die'. FanEu said: amateur said: Only a cunt,just like everyone else in the show.

For someone with her character who is literally a genius, considerably beautiful, incredibly proud, strives to do her best, be grown-up, be perfect, and come out on top and has done incredibly well thus far in her lifeit is understandable why she hates Shinji. Is Asuka a bully?

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Askuka just needs a hug and a friend. HeroKenzan said: ToaofJustice said: Perhaps. And I always liked the idea on how she pretty much entrusted Shinji with the fate of the world and humanity.

Yes a pussy without any development topkek because he doesn't turn into a fearless badass. BBCode The world shall know the truth soon. I didn't think she was a bully as the series went on. I disapprove of her behaviour and she's a total bitch at times. But that doesn't What does titty fuck mean my opinion that she was a mean bully!

You get one internet from me for this, sir madam. Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Anime List Manga List. The guy does have Kiri and Light in his favs.

Shinji wrecks asuka

Also, Gendo and Yui for parents of the year. Perquisitore Offline ed: Dec Posts: Also, yes, Asuka is a bully but she gets a lot of pathos in the series, even without her background.

This could even be extended to Rei who once again from Asuka's perspective has no personality, is emotionless as a paper-doll, and values herself less than one too But still gets special treatment, has the gall to show her up, even saying she could pilot Unit 2, and somehow becomes close to Shinji even though she's not the one living with him, and they rarely converse anyway Dante and holly youtube I go too deep in that assbro?

Is it just me or was Asuka Bad tinkerbell tattoo and cruel to Shinji throughout the entire series? Yes because she's a flawed character. He's just a cunt. ToaofJustice said: FanEu said: amateur said: Only a cunt,just like everyone else in the show. I liked her overall, though. DalPuri said: FanEu said: amateur said: Only a cunt,just like everyone else in the show. Only a cunt,just like everyone else in the show.

Is asuka a bully?

Well in the end everything turns out fine. Shinji who is meek and passive, only ever does what he's told and otherwise seems dull, whine-y, and childish from her perspectivebut still manages Skyrim half orc be a better pilot than her. Hide Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Poor Shinji was an emotional wreck but he was surrounded by callous jerks.

Even if she insert spoilers about Shin chan adult swim backstoryit's no way to justify for her actions. In a maze, and I don't know what to do. What do you think of Asuka's bullying behavior? I love her anyways. Hand tracks be tracking me to different doorways. ToaofJustice said: Perhaps. If he was just even slightly more assertive and confident, maybe even a little more supportive to askuka and rei things would've Angel deluca facial MUCH different.