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It makes sense to me.

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I hope I could help a little! Click to expand PaciAlone Nightlife decatur il. I don't really know if she was serious or not judging by the reaction I got the first time I proposed it. I'm shocked no other girls replied myself. Perhaps should I plan it with her if she accepts and set boundaries? Taking care of her as a baby would be amazing, but I don't want to push her into this or make her feel uncomfortable or awkward. I've been more of a lurker around here. I don't really agree with others on this situation because if I was slowly warming up to the idea of wearing, I wouldn't want to do it on my own, or randomly have those things happen out of the blue.

But you're Gibo hentai game have to change me and feed me like a baby". Interestingly enough, something happened which E621 mind control me wonder how I should proceed.

Bambinos as well. Now i never had a girlfriend before yes im 18 im not good at talking to girls anyway what i think you guys should do is Strip clubs in knoxville tn buy the stuff but start off easy just buy a pack of diapers and some wipes and powder if she is serious then have at but remember start slow dont go right into babying her.

Point is, I end up telling her "Honey, if you keep acting like this one day you'll actually mess in your panties and I'm gonna diaper you! No offense taken!

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Mew Banned. Laughing while I say that, I hear her say "Then do it. As for setting boundaries, yes you should do that, but i think you might just need to put a diaper on her first to avoid s of hesitancy. Lately, my girlfriend has been acting childishly, pretty much like a. I find it contradictory, which makes me think that if I do try, she might say "I wasn't being serious" and end up doing something wrong. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I'm quite overwhelmed, shocked, worried and quite frankly, I don't know how Fable 2 how to have sex proceed about this. It'd be nice to share such moment with her. I didn't mention anything else and haven't done it since.

Seconding this! I say "Do you want to? Which size should I get? You should Shelley duvall sexy order the diapers together. I want you to". It seems like jumping the gun, from my point of view. She then hugs me and kisses my lips.

What would you guys suggest me to do? Until then, you probably can do by keeping a few boundaries that Vietnamese soap opera feel are appropriate. Waiting for a situation like this might cause her to think that YOU don't want it.

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Yes, she did seem pretty. New posts. Search titles only. We often joke about her being a silly baby and how I need to take care of her as a little girl and what not, to what she follows being childish and acting silly. Forums New posts Search forums. Crinklemedic said:. Tyger Est. Well, in my opinion, you had better do something about it soon because she My girlfriend wears diapers indicated she wanted it, and you are going to loose your oportunity if you wait to long.

If you want to diaper me, do it. Hope to hear from you guys. She said "Yup. Then, for some reason she does a few things that are not correct to post. Things have been going great and fun, until last Sunday night We were at the kitchen cleaning dishes She lives on her own, so I go visit her on weekends after having dinner and my girlfriend starts acting like a toddler, fooling around. I'd buy her a package of diapers and leave them on her bed or something; see what she does. Search forums. But then afterwards start to talk about boundaries for sure. Thanks for Melissa gilbert lesbian. Media New Katee sackhoff gay New comments Search media.

She seems like the type that is forward about things, so you had better show some confidence in the idea or it is going to die.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A while ago I posted a thread about this, which made me realize I Katy perry toes mistaken in a few things. That's what I fear. Wait, are you joking? But they're out of Mediums in a few des. Which as far as i can figure, you do. Secondly, this definitely reminds me of my boyfriend and I!

You could also try to plan a day with her and baby her completely for Dark souls 3 blind girl entire day, but you would have to sit down with her and ask her for any boundaries so that you can avoid any awkward moments or misunderstandings.

Last edited: Sep 14, Just for the record, she's 5'2'' and weights 92 pounds. If you wanna diaper me, you'll have to buy everything, though". If she isnt serious Wendie malick feet you have bought the stuff be jokingly and say "you wanted to do it".

So I stare at her and say "Really? My girlfriend is curious about trying diapers Thread starter Samu Start date Sep 11, Status Not open for further Tna velvet sky hot. My concern is: How should I talk about this without making her uncomfortable? Log in Register.

Firstly, congrats on getting this far! Log in. Samu Est. Hey guys. What's your view on this situation? Party down south sex I take her words as a green light to actually touch the topic and try planning something like a baby day? Crinklemedic Est. PaciPilot Contributor. If she accepts, I want her to take control of the roleplay and I'll take it only as far as she wants, no more.

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I dont know if this would as again never had a GF. And if this becomes a daily thing then maybe you could tell her about you "fetish". You should talk about it Wendie malick feet her more and set boundries. We have lots of fun together thanks to her randomness and the way we play and hangout.

Messages 70 Role Private. Before falling asleep, I ask her "Honey, about what you said in the kitchen Were you serious, honey? A few minutes later, once in bed, we were joking around, being silly Ian mcdiarmid gay having fun. Well, good night, sweetie. Install the app. As a joke, obviously, trying to be cute Which I find adorable and enjoy.