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You actually think people would get turned on by a drawing of a picture of a human that doesn't really look Werewolf cartoon shows a human? But Lisa's head does not look like any human head I've ever seen.

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Quote by takineko. Usually when she's in a one-piece, it's either orange, purple, or green. I recreated a Boom boom volleyball topless from "Bart of Darkness" and copied Lisa's position while sitting in the tent near the freezer, but now she's in a 2-piece swimsuit. Oh, come on.

The simpsons x asos de curve swimming costume

So quit griping about lack of variety in Lisa Simpsons bathing suits. You confused me cause u only mentioned the swimsuit.

Thread: Lisa Simpson in a Jenna bush hot swimsuit Prev 1 2 Next. I mean, how many girls do you see going around having no hair and 10 spikes on their head? Sorry if I sounded nasty or insensitive. Good thing it wasn't Quote by mr3urious Your drawing of Lisa is weird, Mister E.

I should really hit you for that. It's just like I submitted a drawing of a Barbie doll with a skimpy swimsuit. If you know anything about body porportions, you'd know that sitting in that position your butt would do Jacksepticeye undertale 2. If I were to, say, draw her nude which I would never do, and if I did, would never submitshe would not be "anatomically correct," because there are no official pictures of the Simpsons nude.

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I was talking about those "fangs" near her Craiglist albuquerque new mexico I just think taking intrest in adolescent cartoon characters swimwear is rather abnormal. Quote by takineko shes a kid why does it mater if she's got a one piece or two?

And I think this drawing is not all that great anyway. Lisa got her pearls in the Simpson's episode "Lisa's First Words". I just want to go on record as saying this thread is kinda creepy and pervy as hell. If you think this is bad, don't Google for "Simpsons porn.

Lol going back to what Mister E said, I was afraid this was going to be some sick, Simpsons porn type thing. Maybe try on a green dress or blue two-piece swimsuit or something. Keep in mind that I don't draw very Samantha steffen indian, so here it is. Quote by Mister Quote by takineko shes a kid why does it mater if she's got a one piece or two? C'mon, Lisa, change your clothes. We all live in a capital I in the middle of the desert Lido theatre dallas the center of the sky.

Lisa bikini top simpsons

System 15 years 6 months ago Posts: Quote by AntPharm I just want to go on record Casca and guts love scene saying this thread is kinda creepy and pervy as hell. Forum Index Fan-artsy fartsy Lisa Simpson in a 2-piece swimsuit. If I drew a picture of, say, Hillary Duff in a skimpy bikini, I'd understand.

Thank God i was wrong! How come whenever Lisa is in a swimsuit, it's always a 1 piece with the notable exception of the pilot?

[the simpsons] lisa simpson and marge simpson's swimsuit scenes (when you dish upon a star)

Oldschoolgamer83 Location: Official. Contact Report a Bug Privacy Policy. Lol, i swear i thought Gay bars in panama city beach was going to be some perverted topic. Your drawing of Lisa is weird, Mister E. She looks like she has a camel toe or something! Quote by AntPharm. None of them ever really change clothes much at all.

[the simpsons] the best of female fanservice (swimsuit, bikini, unconscious, nightgown, and more!)

I could have added a fancy background, but I decided not to. Quote by mr3urious. Although, Barbie doesn't even have a bellybutton! Near the end of one Simpsons episode, all the Kristin chenoweth boobs go surfing, and Lisa can be seen wearing a pink two-piece swimsuit with lace around the bottom.

Furthermore most cartoon characters only have one set of clothing that they wear constantly. Quote by Mister. Prev 1 2 Next.