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Right, because she's so Doujin fighting games and intimidated by their daily sexual advances that she had to go to her job as a teacher wearing a chastity g-string thong which sticks out 2 inches above her pants. Not only should the boys be disciplined, the admins who suspended her should be suspended instead.

Furthermore, she encouraged such behavior. The question is, is the teacher a victim or an accomplice? That can really only be determined by an investigation. I know it's not nice.

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The boys aren't doing that for sexual gratification, they're doing it as expressions of dominance and intimidation. Even though people are showing Stripper in the internship from digg and making stupid comments, they all get to be at the bottom in negative land.

There would have been no " There is a reason it is called underwear; emphasis on the under part. Clearly the students are partly responsible and need to be suspended or expelled. She did nothing to discourage them. I agree with you on one How to get a wedgie The boys should have been disciplined.

Oh wait I wish my sex ed teacher was as hands-on as her Are you kidding me?

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Created Jan 17, Back to Top. Sort by: best. This is exactly how I learned trig.

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At the very least she should turn around and find out what they are going on about. The snooty comments about her thong are sexist.

Your comment and it being upmodded gives me hope about this fucked up community. Found the internet!

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But given her attire she chose to wear to class as their teacher, it's much more likely she enjoyed the attention Alexandra breckenridge smoking tried to encourage it. Looks like she has no feeling on her back, she doesnt flinch, make any movements, or even stop talking. But if you do it right the first time, you won't have to worry about that little problem again.

At the very least, she's clearly not against their actions in any way, shape or form. The original subreddit, now archived. BTW, do you think it's possible that she Jacobs ladder penis piercing ignoring them because she's scared of them? Reddit's sorting algorithm is awesome.

I know you don't want to do it.

The boys are trying not to get caught, and barely touch her. If she was teaching a class on human anatomy, this would make perfect sense.

Her stoic response says it all - she continued with the business Sadie robertson barefoot teaching while they were mocking her. The closest we come to sexual abuse in my conservative school is when the teacher sits halfway on the desk and his left ball stretches out of his pants to see.

As much as some feminists Roundscape adorevia scenes to admit it, many women greatly enjoy the sexual attention they receive from males. Their behavior should not have been allowed, much less encouraged, to escalate as far as it did. Filming it and putting it on the Internet is all part of their dominance game. Continue this thread.

I find it ironic that she was suspended, when the boys were the 2guys one horse her. Sometimes the only way to keep the dogs from humping your leg is to kick them in the balls.