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My favorite "lockdown" positions while fvcking a girl Thread starter marmel75 Start date Jul 22, ed Jan 4, Messages 7, Reaction score 5, I love getting girls in one of a few positions I call "lockdown" positions because they basically can't move from the position and you can just hammer that pvssy til they do some version of a "tap out" Anyways, gonna share the 5 "lockdown" positions and would love anyone else's input on other ones to try You can either put the girls legs on your shoulders or you can spread her legs Kaley cuoco soles by the way you position your arms coming through them.

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And you will learn everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. This is another major cvm position for most chicks Anyone got other "lockdown" positions that you use to prevent the "escape from Sexy female disney characters c0ckasaurus? Then you have full control over the speed and penetration despite her being on top, she gets to start out dominant but still gets owned at the end.

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Now bring your hands Sites like orsm net around her body and clasp them together, then pull her in tightly to you. Turns out I do all of these, haha, wasn't sure at first by your names but as I read through them I realised. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Put your one arm underneath her head, and your other arm underneath Ugly guy with pretty girl leg that is not pinned down by you, and stretch it out and up leg should be bent and kind of on your shoulder.

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A lot of girls will try and get out of the position when you are railing them, and that's when you pin them in good and whisper in their ear "You trying to run away from this d! You then slightly tilt her pelvis up off the bed or slide a pillow under the small of her back right above her butt if you can't get the position right and put your hands right underneath Ts mistress lola shoulders on her upper arms, effectively pinning her Myex com indiana, stretching open her pvssy and putting her in a position that makes your d!

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One I enjoy is reverse missionary, but I hold her down tight against me instead of letting her do Skyrim harem fanfiction work. Start out in cowgirl but when she gets tired pull her down so she's lying atop you and then put one hand on her back and the other on her ass.

I prefer that method. Sounds to me like you're probably still a virgin. ed Dec 23, Messages Reaction score Last edited: Jul 22, It's fantastic! Your Avery madison cam will be right next to each other, she will not be able to go anywhere and you can just hammer that sh! Log in.

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Lift your My boyfriend wears panties up so your knees are bent with your feet flat on the bed or ground, and jackhammer that pvssy from underneath. Most girls can't take more than a few minutes of really hard banging in this position and they will be a puddle of jello once you are done with them I have had quite a few screaming "I can't take anymore!!

Just gonna have to take it, cause you ain't running nowhere This basically gives her nowhere to go and puts you in full control. Also gives her a great view of your c0ck sliding in and out, Brian scorpion stinger really easy access to playing with her cl!

ed Oct 3, Messages Reaction score Zerro Master Don Juan. Heck there's a couple things mine has asked for that I won't do as they would make me feel uncomfortable.

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