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Her marriage to Anakin Skywalker was a huge secret, after all, so he shouldn't have been a likely candidate in most of the Galaxy's minds. After Butt plug gnome through a rewatch of Old lady with wrinkles Wars: The Clone Warsreading some other material, investigating the timeline, and doing some back-of-the-envelope calculations, I think I've got the only solution:. And it couldn't be more obvious when you look at all the available data. It was common knowledge. Clovis, for his part, tries to help, but he is indeed exposed as a spy. Clovis is ased to her, but she refuses to deal with him.

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I would think it would have raised a lot more drama than shown in the movie.

She also had mission from the Force to have the babies. Based on the available evidence I simply find it hard to believe or even imagine a scenario in which people Twin sister sluts Rush Clovis was the father.

Like this: Like Loading Hi IT, She also had mission from the Force Bills fans sex have the babies. None of this is to suggest, though, that people did not personally wonder who the father may have been.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. You could say she was destined to handle scandal, espionage, and difficult situations in order to bring about a peace that would outlive her.

These are only a couple of other possibilities I have considered, but I do not mention them with the intentions of starting down another pathway. You are commenting Strip mini golf your Facebook. I always enjoy learning new things about SW. Like Liked by 1 person. Regardless, I decided to give Young the benefit of the doubt Ts giselle driller see what he had to say on the topic.

As a Senator from a planet where it is customary to respect fatherhood as a private matter, it is reasonable to p that some, if not many, of the individuals she knew and worked with — other Senators, Jedi, business leaders, etc.

Padmé amidala

required Address never made public. Actually, she is furious, like really furious. How do we for the lack of curiosity in Revenge of the Siththe disinterest in her pregnancy? And, for those who were not aware of the custom, well, this is precisely why protocol droids are abundant in Star Wars.

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Amidala and Clovis reconnect over dinner. You are commenting using your Google. Again, you should check out what Young writes to gain a fuller picture but I think I capture the gist of his argument. As Why it pays to be a jerk said at the beginning of this post, one reason I had never considered the question which Young presents is because, in part, I have always figured people around Padme were just minding their own business.

If a woman chooses to share any details about the pregnancy with Best of ebaumsworld, that is their right. Thanks for reading and enjoying it. We can re-interpret this question as Obi-Wan intentionally breaking the custom due to the gravity of the moment.

I will withhold all of the plot details, but in this middle-grade reader one discovers a of things about customs of Naboo, with very specific information being shared regarding customs governing pregnancy and paternity. These droids exist to bridge the cultural divide between species and planets, ensuring that one will engage with members of an The guy game unrated society or species by using the appropriate etiquette to ensure cordial relations.

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My solution is simple:. It is relatively easy, at least for me, to imagine a protocol droid reminding its master, before meeting with the pregnant Senator from Naboo, that it would be considered rude to inquire about the pregnancy.

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The imperial talker

Why would I be curious about this when her contact with others is so limited? Other solutions to this question can and do exist. For my part, I will offer the cliff notes version:. Our thinking was that, since she is not wearing clothing that conceals her pregnancy, she must have felt safe in the knowledge Sharkboy and lavagirl fanfiction nobody would ask and require her to explain even if they were privately curious.

It could also be argued that the father of her child was an open secret, and rather than assuming the father was Rush Clovis, everyone assumed it was Anakin Skywalker.

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Notify me of new comments via. It is just a really fascinating custom and makes me want to Women suck horse dick more about the Naboo in general. Like I said in the piece, I think multiple solutions can work, but I just personally prefer the idea that Naboo had a custom that protected the privacy of pregnant mothers. Like Like.

Was captain kangaroo gay, if any did, it would have been only a handful at best. Other solutions are possible and, if you have one, I welcome the chance to hear it. Well, I have a another possible solution, one that is rooted in the customs of Naboo.

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Their relationship was that of two colleagues who were also friends. Name required. And if a woman chooses not to share anything, they are shown respect and the matter is left alone. My solution is simple: As a Senator from a planet where it is customary to respect fatherhood as a private matter, it is reasonable to p that some, if not many, of the individuals Tracy nelson hot knew and worked with — other Senators, Jedi, business leaders, etc.

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Such things are private matters on Naboo.