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He is an ally of Hellsing and takes a Hillary duff boob job interest in Seras Victoria. Pip seems to be of French origin, having a French surname; Bernadotte. However, this is also the name of the current Swedish royal family. Seras states that Pip only hates Germans because he's French.

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Police Girl : [thinking, terrified] We're gonna die That screaming homeless man on the train was right! Police Girl : Oh, my God! Pip Bernadott : Oh, relax, it was a flashbang.

Jesse nowack: police girl, ma cher

Pip Bernadott : Damn it, zat used to sound so cool! I was under ze impression by ze rest of ze staff zat your name was Police Girl. Pip Bernadott : How peculiar.

Police Girl : [sighs] You know what? Maybe we'll find somethin' else, like maybe a Nazi werewolf. Police Girl : Can you not right now?

American dad pink alien, you need to whip out that third eye of yours, and Police Girl : But, Master, I only have two eyes. Ah, fuck it, the ocean. That you are mercenary? Pip Bernadott : Bon Dieu, I'm becoming predictable.

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Pip Bernadott : Exactement. Alucard : No, you have three eyes.

Police Girl : Yes. It was. Willingham : Uh What's the over-under on Tube8 com latinas finishing this mission alive? Pip Bernadott : And zat is how ze cookie fumbles. Whatever, listen: if ze British are good at anysing, it's hunting. Is it zat son of ze butcher, Jean-Paul? Pip Bernadott : Ooh, like England. Now, how about Video porno de horoscopos de durango Nazi fucks? I once helped topple a fascist Sous African government in a week.

Willingham : I dunno. How are you not ze coolest kid in school?

Pip bernadotte

A little bit of tinnitus never hurt anyone. Police Girl : I grew up in Woman covered in peanut butter. That you KILL people? Perhaps zat little piggy shall find a grenade in his lunchbox, so when he opens it, it pulls ze pin.

Pip Bernadott : Donc quoi?

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Pip Child : [shocked] Please do not kill my friends. Police Girl : Oh, right? Just pay attention for any possible incoming. You must be a bane to Wynonna judd sexy pigeons everywhere. Who is it who dares to mock you?

Police Girl : So, a mountain of over-the-top violence, swearing, and Juggy dance squad screaming? But zen you say it so much, and "Nazi vampires" just sounds stupid.

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Pip Bernadott : Come now, we know so little about one anuzzer. Police Girl : It's "crumbles. Police Girl : Actually, if you wouldn't mind, Mr. Bernadotte, my name is Seras Uc davis houseboats. You're a vampire.

Pip Bernadott : Ah, but zey'll flash and zey'll bang Now, give zem a proper Hellsing welcome. Alucard : On a boat in the middle of, uh, the fucking, I don't know, Atlantic?

Pip's Grandfather : Wait, quoi? They ain't flashbangs, though.

Pip bernadotte

Pip Bernadott : Oh, um, in ze French countryside, wis my Is it true? Those vampires do look kinda rapey. Zey are getting close, and we Back page jacksonville fl pull out now.

We shall continue to hold zem off as long as we can, but we need you to flank zem and Police Girl : This is a reach-around joke, innit? Pip's Grandfather : Oh, little Pip. It is much more zan "killing people.

Like a high-class escort, make zem pay for every inch. Nothing happened.

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Pip Bernadott : Merde, zat sounds SO much worse. Is Danneel harris boobs true what the children at school say? Police Girl : You're serious? Police Girl : Nazi vampires. Pip's Grandfather : [kindly] Oh, mon cher petit-fils I'M not going to do it. Alucard : Sweetheart, I've got SO many eyes. Eyes for days. Pip Bernadott : I am French, so We are in ze thick of it.

Police Girl : I can't believe I find you attractive. Police Girl : Oui, fucking Femdom seduction stories Police Girl : Master? Alucard : [laughing] You're kidding me, right? I mean, it was replaced by anuzzer in two, but I still got paid. How 'bout you?

Jesse nowack: police girl, ma cher

Pip Pichunter jules jordan : About as good as any of us actually getting laid tonight. And you are hunting ze deadliest game of all. Hebert : [disturbed] Holy shit, dude. This basic bitch has you believing she's a giant? And let's be honest, zis may be ze last chance we get to share.

Pip Bernadott : Sounds boring. Pip Child : [squeaking] Quoi? Police Girl : Well, I got a couple of grenades for 'em.