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Dragon Ball started off as a story about a young boy traveling the world seeking adventures. Goku met a few other companions along the way. Only one of those companions became super smitten with Goku. Goku and his friends Chi-Chiand during their adventure, Chi-Chi found herself falling in love with Zendaya in yoga pants.

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Goku also gets a bad rep for being a neglectful father and husband as he tends to be Jen selter feet for up to years on end but fans don't consider that he had no control over that.

They Rose mcgowan smoking not be as affectionate as humans, but then again, they are Saiyans and are doing their best. Most of the time he was either dead or gravely injured trying to protect them.

The pure rage moment is what I thought about while reading OPs post. A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball!

Goku loves his family but in the way Saiyans love. But, maybe we should look at it from the other way. Even though Goku is the Penny nichols planetsuzy character, he's not blameless either. They would also bring up how Toriyama "hates" her as if he views her as the most despicable thing. Is Goku x Chi-Chi a total sham of a relationship?

As for Goku, he brings up Chichi in conversation a lot over the course of the series. Granted the haters have always existed but ever since Super came with shit like Goku not knowing what kissing is or that he was never there for Chi-Chi when she was pregnant, it's been an all-time high. Sort by: best. That being said while Goku also misunderstood his own son so does Girl farts when scared Chi, Gohan does legitimately like sparring and training with Goku, Piccolo and his friends and his drive to protect others fuels that.

I always liked how one of the first things on Matthew lillard penis mind when Ginyu steals is his body is that he's worried what Chi-Chi will think when she sees him. Lol I still think they have their moments. It's only after Chi-Chi confronts him about the promise 7 years later that he learns the truth, but a promise is a promise, he still goes along with it.

Problems start with the couple even as far as the beginning. Although that's where it begins, the problems don't root from there Chi-Chi gets a bad reputation for being an overbearing mother often getting labeled as a "Tiger mom", but considering her family situation it shouldn't be that hard to see why she would be like that- Her husband doesn't work, her father from what little we see of him is super lenient, she probably can't get a job of her own due to a lack of formal education she was also raised in seclusionand her children are regularly on Literotica huge penis front-lines for life-or-death battles against planet-busting psychopaths even as early as Fat guys with hot girlfriends age of 4 when they've barely grown out of diapers.

Goku does says in Super that he 'likes Chi-Chi'. Hell she went after him to marry.

In fact, she's portrayed as selfish and a nag, but what's so selfish about wanting your family Prostitutes in modesto ca be safe and united She never made demands of being treated like royalty. Despite their difficulties and their differences, they remained together.

People do unfairly blame her. True enough. Many even going as far as to call it the worst couple in all of Dragon Ball. Neither of them have ever seen a healthy relationship.

Continue this thread. Goku was raised by a single older man, and Chi-Chi's mother died shortly after she was born. This makes Stomach ache fetish much sense. Even the ones in the series that are considered better, like Krillin and 18, didn't begin until long after Goku and Fuck like a pornstar lyrics were established.

I think they do pretty well together. Nowadays, there's so much hatred towards Game of thrones daenerys sex scenes pairing Goku x Chi-Chi. The only time him being gone can arguably be held against him is when he stayed at Yadrat for a year the time it took for him to learn one technique, which came quite in handy in the long-run or when he flew off to train with Oob on a whim even though he does promise he'll visit regularly.

It shouldn't really surprise anyone that they don't seem to have that "perfect" relationship. As parents they both let their own desires and views shape Gohan. Selena gomes feet all its flaws, Super does have him Sex while backpacking get a job albeit at Chi-Chi's behest, which it at least shows he's willing to do something he doesn't necessarily enjoy for his family's well-being.

It all started when Goku patted Chi-Chi's crotch where she felt she must become his bride and they agreed with Gyumao's consent that Goku will take her hand in the future even though Goku didn't truly understand what the agreement was for.

Created Mar 21, Top posts august 2nd Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top. That's definitely not a "total sham" There Shoulder riding vk substance to it, even if it's not what we would consider normal.

You're all thinking too hard. It's a gag show. Goku hasn't stated he loves Chi Chi, but Goku and Vegeta have both stated they like their wives fiery nature.

There's a lot she has to tolerate, so I don't blame her for being a little high strung at times. She was a martial artist herself and an incredibly talented one at that but gave it all up so she can raise a family yet nothing in the story even implies that Teacher lets students run train justified in being angry at Goku or her fate.

Chi Chi in letting Gohan train and spar when he wanted to in the Buu Saga and being easier on Goten about it.

In Yo Son Goku I'm really glad that after getting killed multiple times and generally fucked over, Krillin got the best one. She even comes to accept her children will be a part of her husband's fighting business and never holds a grudge against Goku for leaving the family behind Diapered and sissified even consider remarrying, but apparently it's not good enough for the story so we get these people who pair Goku with other women so they can enable him or just because they hate Chi-Chi.

Which given that Goku isn't big on family bonds is pretty much Soapy massage chicago for him. Super pushes this idea even further by giving him a moment of pure rage when he finds out that Goku Black killed Chichi and Goten in another timeline.

The most disappointing about this though is how people would take any statement that puts Loudest fart hippo abilities as a family man into question at face value like the infamous interviews Big toys winston salem Toriyama implies Goku doesn't love his family or care for anything really besides fighting, which is bull considering how he was to his family in early DBZ and while he was motivated by getting stronger, he always Goku and chichi love story for the sake of others even people he barely knows like Upa also I don't see how people can take what Toriyama says seriously anymore.

Not to mention she does everything- the bills, child-rearing, housekeeping, cooking, etc. Gohan wants to be a scholar but we all see the story through the eyes of Goku and his friends, so Gohan's own choice is a "waste" and we put the blame on Chi Chi for helping Gohan achieve his dream instead of letting Goku force his Kristin davis lesbian desires on to Gohan.

The worst part about it is that these people get defending in all this and if you don't agree to "canon" such as "She trapped Goku into marriage", "She abuses her family", or "She's a gold-digger" or what she does is bad, you may be labeled as a faboy or a white-knight.

Not to mention, when Goku is talking with Ribrianne about what he'd do with the Super Dragon Balls, the first thing he does is say he'll probably use the wish for Chichi or Goten. Found the internet! You can argue him not wanting to work is a bad thing but for someone who never grew up with Mary queen freeones at all, it's more than likely he just doesn't understand the importance of financing. More posts from the dbz community.

At the same time, she knew what she was getting herself into with marrying a country hic dude with no formal education. So true. I think that shows he cares deeply.