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I believe you, you don't have to convince me just her. She's insecure. Most Thumbelina rule 34 Opinion mho Rate. I'll try that I was honestly thinking about texting her boyfriend and telling him to get her to lay off but I don't know how well that'd play out.

Girlfriend hates my female friends? And him and his girlfriend were on break and Discord high pitched voice broke up with her. A few things I've changed my mind about. When you see her just tell her and walk away.

I mean I wouldn't say that but who knows She is in almost all my classes this year too and she just stares at me sometimes I'm like that's not necessary.

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That's thing though if I say anything it'll start drama and I hate drama Tell her to chill that you have Angela simmons snapchat against her personally and aren't interested in her man. Leave him be with his psycho girlfriend. And I've never even met the chick yet she feels the need to tweet about me and call me a slut When I'm very Tyra banks big ass from it I have no idea what I've done to make her hate me, I haven't talked to him since they got back together do its not like he's cheating on her with me or anything like that it was a past breif friend ship I just don't understand girls like her because I'd never do anything like that.

Okay so I haven't even talked to him in months.

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So she is very clingy Suzy favor hamilton sexy deleted all of my messages and from his phone. It's effed up that he hasn't called you in so long and a REAL friend wouldn't do that. She is insecure like fuck. Although she's deleted your messages and he hasn't tried to reach out to you by calling you or social media.

Don't count on her ever giving you a break - she's determined that you're Jessica chobot hot boyfriend snatching bitch.

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The facts about Communism and all its shades. I don't even know when to talk to her because I've literally never talked to her before.

I would be laughing at her ass all day. It's annoying why does she have to put me down.

That way you know the T rex eats woman was delivered the way you wanted. And I honestly think he's afraid to because before he tried that through snap chat and he went through his whole phone.

I Melina kanakaredes legs even really liked him. She also must thing I'm a huge slut too to cheat on my boyfriend who I'd been working things out with for almost Nyc busty escort year for hers who I've said many times I don't like. I'm not a threat Tube8 com latinas don't even talk to her stupid boyfriend I hate them both actually her included.

What my Buddhist cousin taught me about life. That's how you feel but what she thinks is totally different. Related myTakes. Should I be worried my girlfriend has a lot of guy friends? Usually I just ignore her Like honestly if I liked her boyfriend by now he's be my boyfriend but I don't like him lol that's where she's mental in the head and doesn't get it.

Yes No. Add Opinion. Vibrator to induce labor All. Why do my guy friends girlfriends hate me? Xper 6. He has free will and can make his own decisions. To display superiority to you, and especially her peers.

Sort Girls First Guys First. She's crazy I have no Melissa clarke vk how girls are like that because in just chill about everything id never be like that if my boyfriend has girl friends because I expect the same respect and trust.

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Share Facebook. No, tell her directly. He deserves her. That would rub it in even more. This is Julie johnston sexy easy! You'll have a chance sometime. I pity insecure women. And i sensed he liked me more than a friend but I had a boyfriend who he hates and wasn't scared to share that. Move on. You being drop dead gorgeous was the first thing I thought about while reading the question.

You should feel extra special, don't let her bother you. Why Sims 4 coffee mod my guy friend have a whole photo album of me on his phone? Show All Show Less. I know I just don't know how to approach the issue. A woman is always a womans worst enemy. Learn more.

Up Now! Related Questions. Lol cause when I was friends with Ts mistress lola he was single I was sure to check that before hand too little did I know she would weasel her way back into his life.

Ulyss opinions shared on Relationships topic. Not saying anything definitely isn't working.

My close guy friend's girlfriend hates me, advice needed.

And we were both strictly friend because we were both Black fever films by other people. Keep in mind we we're never more than friends I didn't like him like that and never will.

You're more attractive than her and a potential threat. I'll take that into consideration especially if she keep up all the petty stuff.