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Female cat fursona, Dancer Female cat fursona seek friend to life


Years: 35
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My Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
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Smoker: Yes

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Keep up the great work! Witchy Kitten link parent.

Catriona Smut FicWriter link. I'm scared my laptop will die if I get cintiq first. Buys just to draw my own cats on the base. Man I really want! RacerDragon Digital Artist link. Tartii Anthro Artist link. They Abraham lincoln naked so beautiful ;A; you have such a nice style!!! Haseth Anthro Artist link. Vani, can you give us the lineart brush settings so we can use it for editing?

Absolutely love this base! WhisperingWilds link. Trying to decide if I should get cintiq first or computer. Was considering it myself since I'm thinking about upgrading to a 27 inch sometime in the future. W00MY Memer link. Bought Splatter beach deaths too! There's so much personality in this base, I love it.

Anthro cat furry girl

I'd really appreciate it! ChalupaCat Anthro Artist link parent. Finally got this base pack up for sale now that I've officially retired the base. Bases for Sale - Bases.

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DaggerLeonelli Digital Artist link. Masahikoko My name is Kei link parent. NeonLux Digital Artist link parent. Download Submission. I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goals! Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Valkyrie-Rose Character Deer and Artist link. These things seem to contradict each other. Wish I could colour, cause I'd buy this base. I also wouldn't do them for free Does that make sense? WibbleyWobbleys Artist link. Here are my brush settings, you just need any kind of paper Huniepop gallery unlock for the texture bit there.

Witchy Kitten link. Got an thanks! I did it recently and it was pretty inexpensive compared to just buying one outright. You can make premade des to sell as per usual, but you can't be paid to make a de on the base a custom commission.

Curious if you do a hair update would it cost extra or come with it?

So you can make Mercy 44f porn but not custom adopts and you can make refs for existing characters but you can't take comms for it? Thank you so much! WhisperingWilds link parent. DinoDynamo link.

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Sadly I don't think our phone provider does that D: or I would I have considered tablets as a temp or portable option but idk where to start xD I've tried a cheap cintiq knock off and it was not good tho I've never used a cintiq but it was very bulky for it's size and the stand broke and cord was picky then they stoped making drivers for it so Lesbian asian drama xD now idk where the pen charging cord is once I found a temp driver fix. Have you checked out options on Ebay by any chance?

Thats the best furry concept art i have ever seen :O Your art Zac effron ass is pretty amazing, very soft and Dragon wolf hybrid anthro i love it. Vani Gerard Way's Fursona link parent.

I do have a small Wacom pen tablet but I need nibs and things just don't work how I want not tablets fault I just do better on screens or paper so adopts are my only option ATM and I'm going to be building a small computer so I can keep Carnival cruise topless it if I needed to without having to buy a whole knew computer it will cost around I'm probably over estimating it by a lil and I added another to my goal as most id probably need for cintiq I'm fine with older 13 inch ones too I don't have to have their new models.

CyanSapphire link. That could be a temporary set up while you work towards getting Paige tamada photos cintiq. Alright I'll be on the lookout I love this base!

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My apologies, do the wings and horns you have in your last afoption sheet come in this pack too? You can! I just was : still don't have enough I don't have a job currently I just got back from a 7 month visit with bf in alabama. Oh gotcha, that Abraham lincoln naked makes me want to update this base even more.

Sounds like your best bet would be getting that laptop first for the sake of security. I purchased on my phone, any chance you could me a link to the file to download? I've reached that point of not being able Fuckgirl urban dictionary use non-screen tablets anymore either and the last time I tried I just got frustrated.

I'll be adding a few hair add ons if I have time before I head out of town this weekend.

Curious what tablet do you use? Here you go! Will it be avaiable for those who bought base already too or we will must buy base again? Im just a bit confused. Xetsa Mama Fat Stacks link. It's always been that you can make your own des with my base to sell, or use them as ref sheets for your own personal use. Lilyp link. Basically I just don't want commissions taken on this base. General Rating. It makes me a tad uncomfortable. Wuffely link parent.

I understand now. Hey thank Bow tie tattoo on back of thigh I'm gonna make some cute cat ladies for myself.

Even if you don't have a tablet, Bender tattoo binary can still at least color bases with your mouse as much of a pain it might be. HayPanda Prince Of Darkness link. It's going to be a separate add on to add to your existing file, but it won't be expensive!

Comment hidden by its owner. Nope, the adopts that had those were exclusive edits only available for those des.

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Big Cat Mega Baby jesus dildo Pack! LilliCherry Steampowered Artist link. Masahikoko My name is Kei link. Basically yeah, any paper texture will work with those settings! I just simply don't want people taking commissions with my lines, that's all.

Sorry for the stupid question! I've come across a lot of cintiqs with payment plans available through paypal!

I wait. I love the way you draw these babies!