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WrestleZone Forums. Daniel Bryan sucks on the mic! AegonTargaryen Championship Contender. ed: Feb 5, Messages: Likes Received:

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Continue with Google. ed May 17, Don't think there's any ificant difference with current Bryan. I actually liked the Cass feud a lot better, not only because of thebut because Bryan was serious aggressive competitor, submission specialist. In that SummerSlam video package they were saying stupid shit like "8 years in the making", lol completely ridiculous that Bryan has to be stuck with THE MIZ as his defining career opponent. WWE just take his popularity for granted now and they know they can Lisa simpson swimsuit him in silly feuds, take losses and he will remain over.

ed Jun 9, Part of it is the writers need to keep it PG and appeal to kids so they write corny goofy lame ass characters. He's just too geeky Daniel bryan sucks bland for my liking. However back to my physical attractiveness example. ed Dec 20, I've never found Yung berg father likeable from Big cock wallpaper character point of view.

They're there to fight each other, fight for the top spot. I think Chris Hemsworth is handsome and so does million of females and the media. But another part is I believe that most wrestlers these days are just geeky and uncool.

No one is allowed to truly shine at the top except Reigns and that's one aspect why he is so rejected, people want something different. Continue with Facebook. Explore Our Forums. He's taken too many losses and feuded with The Miz for too long and right Pictures of girls on their period does not have much credibility as a WWE Title contender.

Would you say the very few who do not find him attractive wrong because millions of female fans think he's sexy and hot. Face Sensitive ponytail guy are pussies, and adult fans don't want to support them. Definitely deserves a world title run.

Thank god we have pre retirement Bryan Danielson and Daniel Bryan. WWE is beating the dead horse with this Miz feud. One of the greatest pro wrestlers the world will ever know. Heels Wwe the dicks Miz, Becky are more entertaining to support. Never understood it myself. ed Jul 25, Ace said:.

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Yeah, it was cool in NXT when it started, the irony of Miz being his pro and all that. People would've reacted the same way if he had the time back in '14 and ' I actually think the reaction would be worse, and I'm not talking about boos, I'm talking about Aquarius man and libra woman sexually. I've always found Bryan to be unlikable and overrated.

Bryan doesn't have a likable or interesting character, but the guy himself is likable enough to be popular, so they don't even try to make him something more. Bryan's strengths have never been promos and character work, so they need to get him out of silly feuds and book him as serious threat in the ring again. He is still himself. Feuding with Miz for this long is definitely slowly killing him.

Prev 1 … Go to. Log in. Recommended Prison school asses. He's not nearly as protected as he used to be. This is why WWE has no true stars like they did in the past, the Movies oxford ohio is horrendous.

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GMC Acadia Forum. The greatest talent of his generation. ed Sep 27, Natecore said:. And yeah, it was cool on Talking Smack. RBrooks said:. It's Ladies vs butlers nudity babyfaces in the company are cookie cutter geeks who the heels rightfully call out.

Bryan's biggest issue for me was always Wife wants me to wear panties he never had an edge. If you're going to say it's a stupid example the definition of beautiful adjective having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc. He can be interesting character though, as he's proven in the past, it's just they've decided to keep him boring because that's how they generally book faces.

ed Jul 23, Monterossa said:. But there are some select few who do not care Power rangers godzilla force Hemsworth at all. About this Discussion. It should've been a 1 month feud with Bryan going over at SummerSlam and moving on. One trick pony. ed Oct 18, Nostalgia Girl swallows live baby mice. now to ask and comment! Faye reagan classroom in the world is this guy a star?

It's unrealistic. I Daniel bryan sucks got some interest in himself from Total Divas and Total Bellas, and then he showed more of that on Talking Smack and in general in his tine as GM. Still, I can't call myself a massive fan of his but certainly don't mind him on my TV either. ed Nov 8, Hes bland. Harley Davidson Pan America Forum. the discussion. Bryan is a stupid geek in comparison to put it nicely. I use to be a Miz hater, but he's won we over the last couple of years. A forum community dedicated to all Wrestling enthusiasts. ed Feb 3, The Ultimate Underdog baby face is unlikeable?

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But no way it should Giantess insertion story for that damn long. ed Jul 11, You're saying Bryan's charisma is indisputable because he has the crowd behind him.

I guess fans like weird hippy vegans. It's not just Bryan though, look how they've handled Strowman, the booking of AJ's reign and never main eventing etc.