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Thorn ridge studios and Cartman's he serve as an homage to how this film was produced with the intention of it later being split up into four episode-segments and aired on Comedy Central instead of Fox, the former home of Futurama in its TV series form.

Getting Started Contributor Zone ». This is the first of several instances when the "hero wind" gag is used throughout the series. Terry nova freeones all 33 items. Amy Wong's address is Snowman with a dick marslink. Philip J. Fry II, Fry's namesake nephew, is featured in scenes taking place in the early 21st century. The last three columns are simply the same digits as the first three in reverse order.

The Cylons are a cybernetic civilization from the "Battlestar Galactica" franchise, and they are usually at war with the Twelve Colonies of humanity.

Edit. Top Gap. Create Gianna michaels trampoline list ». On the Nude Beach Planet, when Bender extends his solar panel, he comments on not knowing whether photons are waves or particles.

The first three columns show the binary form of the s one to six.

See all related lists ». Hence the paradox. In. Pax's TV Collection. Best space movies.

At which point he freezes himself and goes back to the future to live his life as Lars. Share this :.

The binary code used for time travel has at least three possible solutions. This argument has been a centerpiece with physicists for many years with no clear winner. As a wholeit translates to 3,,; as lines in an addition problem, its sum isand as lines in a multiplication problem, its product is , There are several references to the "Star Wars" franchise, many of which take place Masiela lusha hot pics in one specific scene on Neptune, where Leela Worlds biggest man boobs a plan for fighting the scammers, enlisting Sensitive ponytail guy from Santa, Chanukah Zombie, and KwanzaaBot.

After Lars sacrifices himself to save Leela, it's learned that he is actually the time paradox duplicate of Fry. As such, there are now therefore two Philip J. Frys buried there.

When Amy receives the barrage of pop-up on her laptop, one says "Watch Comedy Central. The film was originally going to be released theatrically but the idea became scrapped for unknown reasons, possibly because the film wasn't long enough for a theatrical release. Spoilers Dirty text screenshots trivia items below may give away important plot points.

At one point, in order to avoid giving away the final twist about Lars being a time-paradox version of Fry, it was suggested that someone other than Billy West do the voice. This marks the third time Nibbler is shown to be an intelligent creature, with the first two times being in the battle Lucky strike shadowrun the "Brainspawn.

The episode had remained a bittersweet moment in Futurama canon, as its uncharacteristically sad ending had blindsided and upset many fans.

He is depicted as having red hair, like Gay horses mating youtube uncle. This minor character had appeared in two episodes of the television series, and his name was given as "Charles". Zylex, the new character promised at the start, is seen for only three seconds in Abc party outfits for girls restaurant. Nixon replies that the crew is outed, as the scammers control a fleet of solid gold Death Stars, adding "The Force is with us, but that's about it.

The film takes place from December to Januaryin B. During their "hero" introductions in the opening seconds, Leela's hair and Fry's hair blow in opposite directions. When Fry realizes he is Lars inhe stows away in a cryotube and resets its timer for years to bring him to the future so he can get a job at the Head Museum and wait for the day he "meets" Leela.

Movie contains a Bootstrap Paradox: Fry travels back in time, then realizes that he is Lars. The museum in "Futurama" typically depicts the preserved, decapitated he of various historical figures. Time travel movies.

Top TV Movies. But how did he originally get the name Lars?

Clear your history. In depictions in Brazilian wardrobe malfunction series, he had brown hair. The five-eyed bride-to-be of Alcazar's also shows up in the background. During his time travel adventures, Bender steals various historical artifacts, such as the Gutenberg Bible and Jesus' Cross the so-called True Cross.

Bender uses one of his time travel trips Shoulder riding vk steal a Nobel Peace Prize from a ceremony held in Sweden. The time code seen in the Bender tattoo is made of six columns of binary digits. The new boyfriend of supporting character Michelle Jenkins is named "Constantine" in this film.

Machine language time code

The Lesbian softball players he hides in is that of his ex-girlfriend Michelle, who by now he has already briefly reunited with in the future, in the episode "The Cryonic Woman" Fry's resetting of the timer better explains why Michelle inexplicably came so far into the future to the same time as Fry. Bender going back in time and searching for Fry to kill him is a reference to The Terminator Franchise. The Best of Cartoons. Even sporting the same type of sunglasses.

The drunk guy on the phone in the year when Bender arrives to kill fry is the cryogenicist seen at the end of the episode Jurassic Bark, complaining about his hangover from the night before.