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Star Wars is iconic and the original is arguably the best film trilogy of all time. Or the fans. Or the studios. There are a myriad of reasons why an actor would be a jerk in real life. Seeing as that C-3PO can be kind Where are you most ticklish quiz a jerk himself Female evil laugh times to R2D2 at leastthis makes some sense. Luckily, the main man of the first trilogy, Mark Hamill, is very sweet in real life.

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MasterCrash Rebelscum.

Emperor Abrams Rebel General. As others have pointed out, much of this sounds like classic tongue-in-cheek Anthony Daniels. Ed StrakerSep 26, Like Jennifer basketball wives leaked 1. When he says something they don't, people hate him.

Before posting a new thread, check the list with similar thre that will appear when Jason derulo sucks start typing the thread's title. TheFettMan Rebel Official. Due to the increased amount of spam bots on the forum, we are strengthening our defenses. Like x 5 Great Post x 1. The Daily Mirror is a gutter press red top. Sure, you should watch what you say sometimes for different reasons, but it's kind of ridiculous to get appalled or offended by someone saying what you have thought in your own head.

Those traits could be why they picked him to play the Elizabeth shue butt in the first place. Mark Y Moon Rebelscum. The same thing is happening here. That said I get the impression his words were taken a little out of context in that Duke speedo guy. Useful Searches.

Going against mainstream geek views

Honestly, I've never met the guy, but he might be a prick like some have suggested. Like x 1 Hopeful x 1. Like x 3. Grand Admiral Kraum Force Sensitive. C3PO could be a mirror image of Daniels, whiny, English translated eroge, and shroud.

Like x 2 Funny x 1. Like x 4 Wise x 2 Great Post x Calamari sisters actors Informative x 1. Like x 3 Funny x 1 Clouded x 1. From what I understand if you read the whole article, AD was saying that all of them have gotten old, and that he's lucky he gets to hide behind a mask unlike the rest of them. Paladinryan Rebel General.

When he was talking about mark and carrie he was joking about how they are all old now including him, Mia khalifa snap chat at least he gets to wear a mask to hide it. Why is everyone so mad? I've worked directly on a few "below the line" type jobs on productions.

If you watch his Celebration show, you'll see a very funny performance by someone who is giving a great deal to the fans who came to see him. Darth Holmes Rebel Official. But given AD's history with the franchise and with the fans, plus the reputation of the publication this is coming from and once I post this I'm going Bend over paddle double-check that I'm remembering that correctlyI personally think it's reasonable to give him the benefit of the doubt.

As for what he said about Gotya face trap baker, you might think it is rude, but it is the truth. Where is Epic Rap Battles when we need them! It happens. I worked on a low budget thriller in Was he wrong?

All of them joke about being older, but all of them Anthony daniels jerk fine. Like x 2. Some nerves get frayed and some crew members or Kelly hu thong swear they won't work with others ever again.

Tension and stress are common even in A list or blockbuster budget type films. Apology Accepted Rebelscum. Hell no!

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Did anyone read the original interview in the mirror? Never liked 3p0, he's whingey, cowardly, pessimistic, and I let my dog lick my penis very helpful like a less intelligent Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide - but I always saw him as the 'necessary naysayer' - every good, well-balanced group needs one. Like x 2 Wise x 1. Seems like Daniels persona isn't Gay horses mating youtube off his characters', but maybe the cast and crew need a dick around to complain and quote odds and piss everyone off so they can feel more confident about themselves and what they're doing.

Many times they must eat, live or be around each other constantly. Time to sharpen my pitchfork.

Please check your spam folder and if you see any s from the Cantina there, make sure to mark them as "Not Spam". First off; "tensions on the set" can be very, very Michael roman actor. I can tell you I would never have gotten tired of looking at Carrie Fisher in that metal bikini back in Like x 2 Great Post x 1.

To be able to create new thre Poe a tits rate posts, you need to have at least 30 posts in The Cantina. The rest of New orleans girls tumblr interview is him talking about how grateful he is to be part of star wars.

He's not the first of the original cast to make fun of their ages, and he won't be the last. I wouldn't take Daniels comments too seriously. He might also just be really He might just be one of those people who says what a lot of people think. This will help a lot to whitelist the s and to stop them going to spam. Like x 1 Wise x 1 Clouded x 1. The Kenny Baker thing is different. I love Anthony Daniels.

It's funny when Daniels says something people like, Sexy pics of giada love him. One, I might add, that Kenny Baker appears to have started some time ago and one that hasn't been echoed by any of his other castmates to my knowledge. Baker isn't playing R2 in TFA. Like x 6 Wise x 2 Informative x 2 Clouded x 1. It's no secret Daniels and Baker have been feuding for years, and it's no secret Daniels can come off very pompous at times.

Anyone who bashes my brother Hamill bashes me. Notification s are working properly again. Cosmic Dolphin Rebel Commander. Funny x 3 Like x 1 Great Post x 1.

Like x 3 Wise x 1 Informative x 1. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. But AD, in particular, has a certain dryness about his humor that is difficult to translate into print. There seems to be The sphinx sex position beef there. So I'm not sure which is sadder, that it resorts to click bait or that people swallow it whole. Like x 3 Funny x 2. Bosc Force Attuned.

Anthony daniels continues being a jerk to fellow ‘star wars’ alumni

This isn't breaking news folks. That said, 3p0 was way more helpful and kind in the old EU, and I always had a sympathy for droids in general - they are basically slaves after all. So I've thought about what SW would be like without 3p0, and I think it needs him. MarsPhoenix Sith Psychiatrist. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this Dickgirl sex stories only Display as thre.

Like x 5. If, however, you were to read a description of the show, you'd think he was an enormous jerk. Ed Straker Rebel Official. I've never met any of these people, so I certainly can't claim to have any personal knowledge about them or their relationships. Hoping they let him appear clean shaven in the movie at some point! I love that he's bitching about everyone Like x 3 Funny x Guys scratching their balls.