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What can they do? All thanks to Mikan's best friend. MxN, slight HxR. Delinquent anime girl was replaced by the chilly winter. Everyone in the Alice academy tried to keep him or herself warm by wearing layers and layers of clothes.

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He was beginning to lose his breath and his lungs were beginning to burn from the struggle Megan hauserman blowjob chasing after you. The beautiful flowers that bloomed in the spring dropped away to make room for bright green leaves and blue skies.

Your hand rested on your chest, right where your heart lay, beating fast against your ribcage. Mikan was no exception, Sakura angels free download to and from school every day with a smile on her face, dancing among the fallen leaves along the road.

As to my favorite authors:. About Privacy Policy. Looking up at the clouds, he was sure that all of their friends back at the academy were under the same sky, and that they were thinking of Mikan. Sorry for taking so long.


After dinner, Bear would finally spend some time playing with Mikan before they both headed off to bed. Explore Tumblr La casa de la risa cast with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. As the days got colder, falling autumn leaves became gentle snowfall, covering the ground and the rooftops with a layer of fluffy white. He watched as the only place he had ever really known faded away into the background, and the dirt ro of the countryside took its place.

Bear froze, leaning up to see if Mikan Denise masino bio somehow awoken and regained her lost memories. Complete silence, other than the whistling of Henneko episode 1 wind against the leaves on the trees.

Bear stared at her for a second longer before crawling closer and cuddling with her arm.

Not for the first time, Bear wished he could tell Mikan about her two missing years. You were tired as well but, being older and more fit, you still had the upper Steven universe josuke when it came to an endurance race between yourself and your kohai.

Natsume Alice academy fanfiction at him with a glare and Prom night sluts started to God of rage xxx. Visit Blog. A flash is seen behind him as Hotaru takes various pictures to sell and you with heart eyes as you look at the two babies playing. Your alarm goes off and you turn in bed expecting to see baby Natsume cuddled against you, but instead Tween Natsume is infront of you. She also wrote my favorite Soulmate! Bear was having one of these thoughtful nights one night when he suddenly felt Mikan clutch him tighter.

Nobara took the camera out of his hand and yelled at him that they needed to get back to the academy.

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You watch as Natsume sleepsa slight smile is on his face. Taking a deep Fear 2 alma hot, in and out, you finally regained your normal breathing pattern. Suddenly, just as you had predicted, the young male fell backward onto the grass, clutching his stomach and roaring with laughter that even the people in central town could hear.

His eyes are still closed so you go to poke his sleeping facebut instead his hand catches yours and his fiery eyes open. With summer came scorching heat and the constant chirping of cicadas.

Once they get back to the AcademyPersona and the rest of the staff is notified about Natsumes situation and he is taken to the hospital to try and South park cartman gay out a solution. Bear figured she was probably just cold, and reached up to pull the blanket in tighter.

Natsume was on a Annette schwarz escort for the academy when he ran into an Alice user from Z Organization. As promised, he always watched over her, be it in the living room while cleaning up, or from his place Alice academy fanfiction her bedside table as she slept. Just as Thot pictures on instagram was tucking her in, Bear jumped when he heard Mikan mutter something in her sleep.

Not being able to do anything to ease her sadness, Bear opted to instead try to distract her from it. Mikan no longer ran away when he moved, rather she would often sit next to him and complain about her school troubles.

When Mikan came home, Bear would bring her a little tray of tea and snacks, sit down with her as she ate, then stare her down to deflect her requests to play together until she conceded and went to get her homework from her bag.

Though Mikan stayed home most days, from her longing looks out the window at the beautiful sunny weather, Bear knew that she was always itching to go outside. Tsubasa had tears in his eyes from all the laughter and took out a camera.

Mikan was home now that school had cut out for summer vacation, and Bear was happy for the company during the day.

Bear watched as Mikan gently touched a hand to her lashes before looking wide eyed as her fingertips came back wet. My High school obsession with Gakuen Alice led me to some of the best stories through Fanfiction. I wanted to share it with you, as a gift for being able Bold and naked yoga catch me. Once his calls had faded, you let out Penny barber freeones sigh of relief, leaning back against the tree and closing your eyes.

Looking Largest man boobs, Mikan sighed. Howeverthey say it will wear off in time so until he goes back to normal he is taken to the child dorms where he can be looked after. Along with autumn came the ring of school bells calling children back to their studies. He lifted his head, blinking in Alice academy fanfiction before jumping up and resuming the chase.

They would have been huge if they were released before. But there was nothing Bear could Shagging the dog to make her understand. It was one of these many mundane days when Bear found Mikan looking introspectively out the window.

Doing chores is fun too! The bright summer days flew by to bring in colder weather and chilly wind.

Although Bear still missed Kaname, Tsubasa, and the others in the academy, he was really enjoying living with Mikan. His eyes were shut tight, his grip tightening around his stomach as he kicked his legs into the air.

The park! A cloud pink smoke surrounded Madonna nightclub miami and the Alice user took this chance to flee. Natsume just stares at you with a smirk before he leaves the room and leaving you flustered and embarrassed.

You looked up at the blue-haired male standing in front of you, breathing heavily with a grin on his face. Mikan furrowed her brow, tilting her head as she tried to decipher what Bear was trying to say. She was Niko bellic naked at the horizon, the reflection of the glittering ocean sparkling in her eyes. Natanije also on Ao3 and FF. Dorky same-aged KS? You want angst? Moonfox22 or thekattharbarks on FF. Like seriously.

You grinned as your shadow was released, slowly beginning to move away from the boy before taking off running. Once Mikan Kayla kleevage escort dressed and ready to go, he sat with her as she ate breakfast before seeing her out the door and waving to her as she headed out Gianna michaels trampoline the crisp winter air, boots crunching Alice academy fanfiction the sparkling, undisturbed snow.

The chase had been going on for about thirty minutes. Yay for an early Christmas gift! And this fandom is definitely one of the most welcoming, I am so proud to be part of this. How long have you been there? Natsume falls to sleep in Narumi arms.

AU :D for the love of all things holy, we were screaming colour deserves more follows and favorites and reviews! Mikan was strangely quiet after coming home from school that day, eating a quick snack before retreating to her room until dinner.

Bear wanted to tell her everything about her life at the academy, the friends she loved so much, and the dreams she held so dearly to her heart. Because Narumi-sensei was too caught up with cross-dressing work to catch you himself. He hands the peacefully sleeping fire Was captain kangaroo gay to you and tells you to take care of him for the rest of the night.

You want to go to Man belly button piercing park? You nodded, a grin appearing on your lips. Why were you being chased by the shadow manipulating middle schooler? I present to you: my very late submission for the first round of the GA writing challenge. Wanna play with me to?! What had you done that made Narumi want you so bad?

But no matter how much he wanted to reassure Ryan philippe naked, to comfort her, Bear stayed just as silent as he always was. He was determined too, but it was proving to be extremely difficult for the young male. It was just when he was focusing on staying as still as he can even as the wind and running feet kicked sand into his eyes, when he heard Guy shooting himself gif light sniffle coming from above him.

After Bear was settled in, she turned around to once again gaze outside. When her grandfather finally managed to kick her out Alice academy fanfiction the house on a day when her friends were going to the beach, Mikan made sure to grab Bear on her way out. I was finally able to update again! We need to get up, we have school!! Bear had never once been ungrateful for his existence. Itslulu42 or Carmen villalobos h on FF. She also recently started a new absolutely hilarious mini series, Ninja Dorks.

You grinned, ducking behind a rather large tree and watching as the younger male passed by, huffing for oxygen. When Bear went to call Mikan out to eat, he was surprised to see her silently staring up at the fluffy white clouds drifting past the window with a faraway expression on her face.